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Welcome to Phuong Vy Limited Company Sand Painting.

At first, we would like to send warming greeting and best wishes to all of you, hoping that you are always good health and successful in all your areas.
Sand painting is a kind of very special and unique art painting with all of colors of sand which collected from the rivers, beaches, streams, mountains…

In order to create a beautiful and perfect painting, at first we have to choose the best quality of sand, wash and dry it, and choose appropriate colors before creating it. With carefulness and patience in detail of painting, and, with simple tools of painting in common of everyday life as spoon, glass, glass frames combining with variety of rich colors. 

With skillful hand of craftsmen, every aspect of live is created lively from insensitive grain of sand. These grains of sand are created by craftsmen of Phuong Vy pictures lively with full of humanliness and romance making viewers surprised and consented. 

We do not use agglutinative substance in painting but press the sand making a stable cubic with a lot of sizes: art painting, logos, flowers, special building, religious themes, portraits; cartoon, animal, scenery, calligraphy…

We also receive your special pictures. In our company, we have many kinds of sample pictures so customers can easily to choose, and, we can make according to idea and requirement of customers.

In addition, our company also receives making icon and logos for companies choosing as choicest products in seminars, gift for partners, and souvenir as sending information of trade name to everyone. 

We deliver our products for free within the city, and, outside the city we would like to ask for fee of delivering.
For more detail information about our company, please contact to us so we can serve best.

Best regard.

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